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26. November 2022

Live 2022

Music Circus Concertbüro GmbH

Few bandsontheir22ndlap around thescene could claim to bein“just getting started”modeas much aspunkstalwartsSilverstein.Therelease of their tenth studio album,Misery Made Me,findsthegroupspring boarding off theheightsthey’ve reachedover the past handful of years; theirlatestalbum (2020’sA Beautiful Place To Drown)adding80 Million streamstoamind-numbing career total of 500 Million;itcollecting a nomination forRock AlbumOf The Yearat theesteemedJuno Awards; anditsmost recent headliner selling out nearly every date in eliterooms.In bringingMisery Made Meto lifeSilversteinhavecontinued to build on their already-wide reaching impact.Immersing themselvesin new technologies like TikTok, Discord,NFTs,the metaverseand Twitch(even holdingpublic writing sessions with fans overthe latter)duringitsformation, the band have confirmed their uniqueability to adapt and connect in all cycles of their career.

Interestingly,amidallthepositivity andconnectivityinjected into its creation therecomesadarkset of themesunderpinningthe album, asits title might suggest. Inspired by thepast twoyears,Misery Made Meisadepiction ofSilverstein–and world at large’s–collective turmoil,frustration,and anxiety.“I wanted to explore the meaning of ‘Misery’ as a main theme throughout thealbum,” says vocalist ShaneTold. “Despite the mountains climbed and boulders pushed during recent years, we were confronted by theweight and misery of staying relatively in the same place for a long period of time. Finding peace in the realityof this misery became important. The record is about the acceptance of a new reality and adapting to it.”Ultimately,Misery Made Mefinds the band trying to navigate the ever-worsening challenges of our modernworld–angst, doomscrolling, and disassociation. It’s a record that is a product of themoment intime in whichit was created yet doesn’t feel like it will date itself anytime soon, as many of its topics of loneliness, anxietyand isolation are eternal human struggles.

Samstag, 26 - 11 - 2022

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